Frequently asked questions:

The curriculum includes our 9 Guided Meditations, 9 'Inner World Teachings' and our Guidebook filled with over 60 teaching moments & practices. All ready for you to download to your chosen device.

Yes! We have created this as an online product intentionally to be easily downloaded to your chosen device. Making it cost effective, available worldwide & with less of an environmental impact.

The guided meditations and practices included were originally created for children aged 4-11. In saying that, it's never too early to play these meditations and we know many adults who love them too! The teaching moments and creative practices can be tailored to all family members at whatever age and stage.

We find it best to either print out the curriculum or have it easily accessible on a tablet or PC. As it is 70 pages, it can look a little overwhelming on your phone. Having it downloaded to a computer also allows for you to easily print out the journal worksheet you might be working with at the time.

Absolutely! You can use the meditations and curriculum to suit you and your families needs. It has been designed to serve families who simply want to listen to the meditations all the way through to families who wish to work through the full curriculum in depth.

Every child is unique and will experience these healing journeys in their own way. Whether they are sitting quietly and listening, playing lego at the same time or moving their bodies while the tracks play in the background- it's perfect. They will receive what they are meant to at the time. And there is no right or wrong way to meditate.

Our philosophy supports an education approach that emphasizes a relationships based approach to learning. We believe authentic learning is holistic, experiential, self-directed and collaborative. In other words we learn through our experiences and our relationships! The Inner World Curriculum follows a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach - which helps children (and their families) to remember that learning is not a one size fits all journey. We believe learning is a life long path, and something that happens beyond the boundaries of school. The Inner World Teachings are practices and experiences designed to be planted like seeds, to build a foundation of inner world strength unique to the individual.

We see Emotional Intelligence as our relationship to our emotional landscape. It is how we understand, process and manage our emotions. As our emotions are part of our inner world, The Lightweavers Curriculum provides us with the Teachings to nurture our relationship to our emotions, and therefore build Emotional Intelligence. We believe Emotional (and Spiritual) Intelligence is the way forward for humanity and so a healthy relationship with our emotions is one of our main intentions behind our Inner World Curriculum.

We believe it is time to raise the value our society places on parenting! In a culture that generally honours success by how much money and status is acquired, we believe the true success of our society lies in the way we parent the change makers of the future. Social change of the future lies within the childhood of today.

The Lightweavers curriculum is designed to help you and your family build a foundation where life’s big questions are not only welcome but valued. Children don’t need our perfect answers. They don’t need us to know everything. Their big questions are opportunities for us to connect with them and build a relationship with complex explorations. The Lightweavers Inner World Curriculum supports children (and their families) to look for answers within the internal world